Things to think about


Wow, I could not wait to sit down and write to you I am so excited I am weighing in at 192 pounds now I am jumping up and down just shows with some determination and your mind set on something you can achieve anything you want. With years of struggling to lose weight and […]

Snacking time

Hi, hope you had a great week, mine is going better with all the rush comes the difficulties as we all have them. I am still going strong following my step diet works for me and lost 4 pounds already. It has not been easy with all the changes I have made in my lifestyle […]

Following and sticking to my diet

Welcome back and a hello to all. You must be curious to see what is happening on my journey to losing weight from being the old me to the new one. As you know I am a chef and we work long hours on our feet running around all day until 2h00 am in the […]