20 Flat Screen TV Stand Ideas

Mar 20th

These can be built or create yourself depending on the specific types of furniture and decor of the living room where you intend to install and display your 20 flat screen TV.

Flat screen TVs can also be mounted on the wall, which serves as an efficient tripod that frees floor space in your living room. These wall mountings can be expensive and reasonably tricky to install, need pilot holes, anchors and screws to ensure mount and TV will be able to hang on the wall and not tear that Sheetrock on account of the weight. It is important to find a stud in the wall where you can hang most of the holder and the TV weight as this will make sure that it will never tear off the wall over time. If this does not work with your room layout then you will have to use heavy anchors and wall expanders to support the mount and 20 flat screen TV.

You can use almost any furniture that looks good and certainly supports your 20 flat screen TV, but there are a number of basic requirements that you should keep in mind when picking this interim stand. Not only should the stand be robust enough to hold the entire weight of the TV and it is an accessory, but there should be room for accessories so the TV is not stacked on top of them.

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