Art Deco Decor Style

Apr 13th

Besides being exceptionally intriguing and connected to Hollywood decadence, the art deco decor style celebrated the beginning of the Machine Age with influences which range from jazz to skyscrapers. It’s not required to rely on a complete renovation of this historical period. Due to this lasting style lends itself to a specific option. So immerse yourself in the Art Deco style with a clear element.

Such as a rayed mirror, together with a bedside table with a curved hammer. Or a traditional Deco style bath with a checkerboard floor. You may even decide to focus more on the industrial elements. All these to update or accentuate the highlights by simply mixing Art Deco and Baroque. Characteristics of art deco decor comprise a traditional mirror, with curved edges and a fan-shaped tail. Is a reflection of the jazz era also adds an amazing bit of”Grande Gatsby” style charm to decor.

Art deco decorArt deco decor is the style that characterized the design between the two world wars began which occurred in Paris in 1925, after the Exposition International des Arts D√©coratifs et Industrials Moderns. It’s strong geometric lines, pompously carved or wrought iron, curved couches and diverse materials. Such like marble, exotic forests, chrome, bakelite and pressed glass.

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