Beautiful Ideas Blue Bedroom

Mar 21st

If your blue bedroom combination has a light blue ceiling with dark purple walls that borders indigo, you have the perfect setting to create a day and night theme. Do you paint fluffy clouds in the attic and shiny gold stars on the walls. This project has the potential to be as simple or as complicated as you would like it to be. If you prefer simple then choose only for the clouds and stars.

Paint is available in an amazing array of blue bedroom colors. Short colors like blue and purple are no longer only bright, primary varieties of these colors. If you love colors and think that you want to experiment with the interior color combinations like a blue on the ceiling, little on the walls, you have access to a wide variety of decorating options.

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Art can create the feel of blue bedroom. In a room with light blue, add art in stronger blue and green tones. Include a sculpture. Add a simple bowl that contains smooth rocks in strong blue and green. Select one or two paintings or print to the walls. Artwork with a forest or sea works well. For more interest, add accessories in complementary colors like yellow, orange and peach.Blue and white bedroom ideas,

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