Best Ideas Black Bedroom Walls

Mar 30th

Black white room that is gray,

Look for mostly white accessories and accents, and include one or two things that have a blend of black and white to bring the two together. Because a black room may seem repressive, a single large white statement bedspread can provide a soothing counterpoint.

For a funky, modern look, use tape or paint to add white stripes to black bedroom walls. If stripes are not your thing, look for removable white wall clinging that you can move on the wall until you’re satisfied. Look for clinging in an embossed pattern to add a touch of antiquity, or use more modern shapes like circles and squares. Consider using one wall for high-contrast decoration.

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Black bedroom walls – The color of a feature wall should require eye attention, but should also complement the rest of the room. Consider texture and patterns in addition to the color to keep the function wall from feeling redundant and to impress your house guests. Many people will not even consider using black paint in their homes. They are afraid that blacks will make space depressing and dark. However, when using black correctly on a function wall, the results may prove to be refreshing and inviting. The key to pulling off these bold colors on your function wall is to achieve balance by keeping the ceiling, the floor and the furniture light. Also, remember to paint just one wall and wall accessories with framed black and white photos.

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