Black And White Rugs: Geometries and Intertwining

Apr 13th

Black and white rugs – gray elegance of a color which never goes out of fashion. The black and white rugs comprise the charm of minimalism without frills. Much like the paintings on the walls, hence the rugs decorate the marble and parquet floors without concealing their prized essence. An element of decoration not to be redeemed.

The black and white rugs are dressed in elegant geometries to enhance the environment with visual impacts details. Very thin vertical lines or micro chess alternating between black and white, for people who do not want to get happy with the innocence of solid color. The black may also be used inside the carpeting only as a detail of the patterns of this design which will explain a backdrop with neutral tones like white or light gray.

The black and white rugs are a detail which plays textures and dreams to escape the ordinary. Inlays of organic fibers like cotton and wool create room for delicate visual sensations, for people who love to walk barefoot in their home. This is the event of shaggy black and white rugs, better called a very long pile rug, valued for the sense of softness in touch with the skin. The short-pile rugs, on the other hand, provides a more streamlined image to the living room.

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