Black Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Apr 8th

Black bathroom vanity – Making your own vanity top is a way to be creative in the bathroom. Tiles are one of the best materials to use on a vanity top since it is waterproof, scratch resistant and strong. Choose decorative tiles if you want to make vanity an outstanding feature in the bathroom. You could also convert an old antique style chest of drawers into a bathroom vanity by adding a tiled top.

Put the backing board over the top of the black bathroom vanity; see the plumbing hole in the auxiliary board is in place to match those in vanity. Screw the auxiliary card into a vanity with galvanized screws, each 6 inches around the circumference. Select tiles that will need to cut to fit the design, or allow plumbing holes. Transfer the plates to the floor, keeping the same design.


Make your own vanity top,

Put the backing board over the top of vanity and track around black bathroom vanity to transfer the size of their top to the helper board. Determine plumbing fixtures from the inside of vanity on auxiliary board also. Points along the traced lines with scalpel snap then backer board along the trunk to resize it. Use a whole saw bit attached to drill to cut out the holes for plumbing fixtures. Wear the dusk mask when reducing the helper’s board. Spread waterproof membrane over the top of vanity, covering the plumbing hole too.

These are reader choosen ideas black bathroom vanity.