Blue and Brown Living Room Ideas

Apr 12th

Purchase a rich brown suede, leather or fabric sofa and loveseat in as a starting point. As a whimsical and relaxing signature, choose a robin egg-blue place instead; you can also buy a mixture of each color. To bring a contrast to the blue and brown furniture, paint traditional dark wood furniture items, like a coffee table and bookcase, optical white. The vivid color will add a contemporary look to the space. Lay the look by placing fluffy white carpets on the hardwood flooring.

Improve the couch and loveseat with matching throw blankets and decorative cushions. When you’ve got brown furniture, choose a blanket and pillow set with pale blue and white geometric patterns for an elegant appearance; if you choose blue and brown living room, tie the look together by purchasing a blanket and pillow set with brown and white patterns. Because the blue and brown combination has a cool retro allure, decorate using vintage-inspired products. Hang a silver, sunburst style watch, and purchase a light blue stand table lamp, reminiscent of the 1950s.

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Decorate the room with this color scheme your living room will give your home a contemporary appearance. Rich brown furniture pieces offer a ground effect for light blue decoration, while the blue color adds a whimsical touch to your inner style. The color combination also has a retro feel, so love decorating with vintage.


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