Blue and White Bedroom Ideas

Jul 20th


Combine blue and white bedroom colors throughout the bedroom for a comfy, traditional feel. Checkered patterns lend a homely, old-fashioned feel to the room. Fill in the bedroom with some small, colorful accents such as a floral arrangement or floral vases. Add an unusual touch to the traditional decor by including items in a lot of shades of blue such as midnight blue, royal blue, sky blue and even green tinted blue. Tie all shades together with a comforter, blanket or mat that comprises all or most of the shades in its design.


Blue and white bedroom – Colors affect both the mind and the body, according to Blooms University. Blue calms and calms the mind while lowering body temperature and pulse. These attributes make a blue bedroom the perfect place to relax and unwind at the end of a day. There are many creative ways to decorate a blue bedroom depending on personal preferences and style.

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Add a modern twist to a blue and white bedroom by choosing a slightly unusual shade as a neutral blue-green color. Create an attractive but alternative look by painting the ceiling a dark blue and leaving the walls white or very faint blue. You could also use mushroom painting or cloth rolling technique to give the ceiling a cloud-like look. Incorporate unusual elements, contrasting textures and geometric decor such as a light table painting or a blue ball chair to further boost the modern feel of their bedroom.

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