Boys Bedroom Ideas and Themes

Apr 8th

Cute bedroom wall colors,

Design a boys bedroom ideas that faucets in your little boy’s imagination by painting cartoon murals and decorating with dinosaurs, Lorries and other toys to suit his taste. Pick a primary theme, or simply decorate a room with blue or white shades. Ask your son to help select bedding, curtains and toys for his new room.

Boys bedroom ideas with Batman room, hire an artist to paint the city of Gotham from Batman movie on the home wall. Paint all the other walls dark blue and leave the ceiling white. Put your son’s bed up against the wall with the city. Place glow-in-the-dark stickers of stars and planets in the attic so he has a view of the city and stars at night. Install shelves with Batman memorabilia and characters. Spice your son’s bed with dark blue or Batman linens. Hang a few smallish bats from the ceiling also.

Rustic camping style room, paint the walls of your son’s room red or blue depending on his preferences. Hang glow in the dark stickers on the ceiling so you son can pretend he looks at the stars at his favorite camp site while he is asleep. Buy rustic log cabin style boys bedroom ideas and furniture for the room. Feature accents like cozy quilted blankets and bed linen. Hang framed pictures of forests and lakes. Decorate shelves with balls and keep crafts that your son made.

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