Classic yet Timeless Room In Black And White Design

Apr 13th

The interiors in black and white design do not have to be as extreme as the two examples we have seen so far. A Nordic style house with white as the predominant color, and touches of black thanks to this furniture and accessories is also great, especially for lovers of minimalism and people who think that black should be in its right place.

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I love classic black and white design bathrooms. And specifically, this bathroom using checkerboard floors, black satin walls, white doors and windows, or that beautiful bathtub with legs has completely caught me. It is a risky formula for many, but mixing white and black with gold can be great to give a sophisticated and glamorous touch. And more, at this time in which fortunately the golds are again more fashionable than ever.

As a result of the use of paper, checkerboard tiles, or the combination of walls and furniture and accessories in black, the use of black and white design can be applied to different styles and in any space of the house, from the living room or kitchen going through the bathroom or the children’s room. If you would like to change some space in your house and move to the binomial of white and black, here we leave inspiring examples.

Dining room design black and white,

These are reader choosen ideas black and white design, black and white.