How to Clean Sooty Copper Cabinet Hardware

Jul 23rd

As copper knots and handles are prone to body fat, dirt and dirt, they are sometimes colored and spotted look. And ensures copper fittings are in good form.

Scrub every copper cabinet hardware bit with a soft-knit brush to remove dirt and dirt out of the surface of the hardware. Screw the screws as well. So they don’t move dirt or dirt back into the copper hardware when you put it back to the cabinets. Pour a quarter of a great amount of copper-cleaning paste on a clean cloth. Rub the paste in the copper surface to remove the jars, in addition to some dirt residue. Buff copper cabinet hardware with the other material to remove lime and add shine.

Starting with unscrew the screws onto the rear of this copper cabinet hardware with the proper type of screwdriver. Then mix a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and warm water and put it into a plastic jar. Insert the copper cabinet hardware into the diluted vinegar solution. And make sure that there is sufficient way to cover the hardware fittings. Leave copper hardware inventory in soft for 10 minutes to loosen dirt and dirt buildup.