How to Covered Led Kitchen Ceiling Light

Mar 19th


Cap and Paint

Almost every home improvement store includes roof electric box cover. These caps are made from metal and look like a horizontal plate with screw holes. Slide up smoothed electric wires at the box and then screw the cap on the box. Paint the lid exactly the exact identical color as the Led kitchen ceiling light. The lid will melt to your roof and the most discerning eyes will probably understand it was a candle .

Make sure the wires are covered Led kitchen ceiling light and put in Roof directly over electric fields. Look for the rules of this roof and nail the board directly in the rules. Ensure you understand where the electric box is so You Don’t nail the panel at the electric wiring.Ceiling light pay cap,

Led kitchen ceiling light at your home can be a pity. Some homeowners cover those unwanted luminaires with big drum colors, while some simply remove the light. To cover the electrical box, you must screw the cable nuts to the exposed ends of the cables to prevent flame. When the wires are properly shielded, you need to cover the gap in ceiling