How to Pin Up Black White Shower Curtain

Jul 22nd

Lay out your black white shower curtain on a flat surface. Band stencils for shower curtain with masking tape. Place them wherever you want, for example in the middle of the curtain or along the sides. Spray pattern with fabric spray paint, and let them dry. Pick a color that contrasts with the color you chose for your dye. Decorate flat buttons along the edges of the shower curtain with needle and thread.

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Pour 5 liters of warm water into a saucepan you are never planning to use for cooking again. In a separate bowl dissolve cloth dye in 2 cups of hot water. Add the diluted color to 5 liters of warm water and mix with a color stirrer. Dip fabric shower curtain in the color, and put the pot on the stove. Soak it on low heat for 30 minutes. Pour cold water over the black white shower curtain until the water is ready. Place it in a washing machine over hot heat with detergent. Add the standard cycle in the dryer.

Black white shower curtain – Your bathroom is the room where you begin your day, and it should be more than a utilitarian place where you get things done. A quick way to give your bathroom a splash of color and design is through your shower curtain. You are able to go out and buy a new one, but it is not essential. Just give your present fabric curtain a fresher look.

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