Ideas for Bedroom in French

Jul 25th

Fill a bedroom in French with Moulin Rouge inspired items. Paint the walls a deep red. Use an abundance of silky fabrics on the bed; duvet, blankets and decorative pillows. Hang vintage cabaret posters and an elaborate chandelier. Start looking for room accents that have red lips, net stockings or lingerie.

Bedroom in French – Decorate a bedroom with French elements for a sweet, sexy or naughty look. Incorporate the element of French culture that draws you into whether it’s whimsical, romantic or complicated. Young girls, teens and adults are often fascinated by the country, whether in reality or root in a fantasy. Walls can be painted a smelly yellow, or periwinkle blue. Airy curtains, the film over a metal rod and pool on the floor combined with thick, neutral duvets and lacy pillows create a decadent romantic look.

Decorate a bedroom in French with a large French flag, a pile of antique suitcases or hat boxes and travel publications. Hang a bulletin board full of travel brochures and display miniature souvenirs of the Eiffel Tower. Several elements are produced in the form of the Eiffel tower including lamps. Apply wall painting wall paper that shows picture of Paris, either the Eiffel Tower or French cafe.

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