Ideas to Install Bathroom Pedestal Sink

Apr 4th

Remove the male. Loosen the wash clip under the current sink using a screwdriver. Remove the existing sink. Remove the enclosure, if there is one, by removing the screws that hold it on the wall. Install a new faucet or reuse old on the bathroom pedestal sink top. Install in reverse order as you previously removed it. Hook up the new tap on the pedestal top before putting it down over the socket. This will make your work easier.

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Pedestal sink storage ideas,

Installing bathroom pedestal sink is a way to modernize your bathroom. Pedestal sinks work well bathrooms that do not have a lot of space. Stylish and cheap, pedestal sinks are also ideal in powdered rooms only for guests. Close for water valves under the current sink. Use a pair of channel-lock pliers if the valves are hard to turn off. Remove the male supply lines from the tap end with the channel-lock pliers. Loosen the faucet locknuts under the sink and remove the bath faucet. If your faucet has a drain pop-up, remove drainage clips from under the sink so that the faucet can be removed. Use needle nose pliers to the clip.

Place the basin bathroom pedestal sink base on the floor and have a helper keep the laundry top in place as well. Come down and behind the pedestal sink top and mark the screw holes on the wall using a marking pen. Remove the sink top and bottom. Use a stud search to find any spikes that you can mount your laundry as well. If the knobs do not line up with the marked holes, then you will use wall anchors.

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