Magnificent Black And White Kitchen

Apr 10th

If you prefer black and white kitchen, but you want some material that provides greater warmth and that is natural, what do you think about this idea? Wood in the design! A excellent element to make the rooms more cozy, and in the kitchen it looks sensational! White cabinets were placed along the entire wall in the upper part and in the lower part, wood, as in the side cabinets.

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This time, we will focus on two colors: black and white kitchen. Two totally opposite colors, one full of light and the other, is overlooking. One is clear, the other is dark. One can exude freshness, the other elegance. How do they look together? They gave it a fresh and fresh air, selecting the white color almost entirely.

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The contrast is provided by the black and white kitchen on the granite countertops along with the breakfast bar in magnificent Scandinavian-inspired wood. By integrating the bar with the rest of the kitchen, the space is further exploited. A modern design that is excellently complemented by the original floor pattern of this remodeled residence.

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