Making Contemporary Kitchen Tables

Apr 12th

The way to build this fantastic contemporary kitchen tables made from recycled wood palletsthis is going to be the perfect complement to this kitchen also made out of recycled wooden pallets which we showed in an earlier article, the size of this undertaking will be large enough as  to set 8 people comfortably in it. Once the pallets are disassembled, we’ll plan the arrangement of the kitchen table that we can choose the dimensions. Cut the crossbars and combine them so they remain as strong as possible. This measure is extremely important since the arrangement is going to end up holding the entire table and it will supply stability and stability for it.

Once the arrangement is ready we will prepare to create the base of the contemporary kitchen tables with for this purpose that the pliers we’ve removed from the pallets.

For the finish you’ll be able to use some varnish, paint it one or several colours or as in this case use a blend of peppermint and peppermint oil to give a natural finish, the last result as you can see is a gorgeous contemporary kitchen tables made with very cheap stuff and exactly what we can do .