Simple Guide to Decorate Big Kitchen

Apr 9th

Make an ample storage; build a whole cabinet wall from floor to ceiling. Where you can store everything from Christmas decorations to food and vacuum cleaners. Build possibly. The cabinet wall in a different material than the kitchen, so it visually stands out. And remember to not save the equipment; an oven is not just an oven, and in a big kitchen you have the opportunity to have a common oven and a steam / oven.

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Make sure there are no more functions on top of each other. Explain your kitchen and draw lines according to typical patterns of movement. For example, between fridge and sink, workplace and stove etc.. These lines must not cross each other too many times as this means that you will interfere.

Zone divided; separate the functions visually from each other. Such as the cooktop has a practical steel table top and the kitchen island has corian or wood that fits the furniture in the dining room better. Remember of the short distances; even though you have many square meters to build a big kitchen, there must be no distance between the different functions. Treat yourself to two sinks. One near the cooking area and one at the desk where you can wash up, etc..

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These are reader choosen ideas big kitchen.