Simplest Ideas for Gold Plated Silverware

Mar 31st

Gold plated silverware is the simplest to identify because it is flat, wide, small and with short teeth. It is almost as small as the dessert fork; it is also thicker and has three teeth. It is used to remove the mollusk from the shell.

Gold plated silverware is the most used because it serves for most dishes. Its shape is large and has four long teeth; it is the same size as the table spoon. It is smaller and has three short teeth. It is used for salads, as long as it is served as the entree dish. On the other hand, if the salad is accompanied, the table fork must be used.

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The rules of etiquette on the table can become very complicated and overwhelming, due to the great number of standards gold plated silverware. All of us know how to use forks, spoons and knives, but when several of them appear on the table many are confused, since each individual has a specific use. That is why we teach you the uses of each of the cutlery, and therefore you do not live uncomfortable moments in formal dinners.