Wonderful Art Deco Interior Design

Feb 23rd

We return with him to incorporate old lines into our own decorative styles, but of course, adjusted to our personal characteristics and preferences. If you think the art deco interior design is a movement which occurred over the interior design of this moment, you’re quite wrong: that current ranged from car design to architectural designs of amazing monumental significance like the Empire State.

The art deco interior design has ever been and will be a very ambitious and luxurious decorative style that fulfilled each dwelling with elegance; by the cup of java in that we have breakfast into the thick pillow in that we could stink. For the elegance it attracts, for its decorative character, this style is present in the current decorative designs, in the designs to the toughest.  It’s extremely simple!

The art deco interior design decorative genre originated in France and became increasingly so popular among popular flavors well in the 50s, also brought new designs which are still used half a century after. In his time it was considered an avant-garde art, but now we respect it as a present that compliments traditional forms and decorative art, which we love to add to our interiors.

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